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About R.H. Smith Distributing Company, Inc.
Business Profile

In the Year 2017 R.H. Smith Distributing Co., Inc is celebrating the 70th anniversary serving Eastern Washington.

The Company reached over 100 million dollars in annual sales, delivering 50 million gallons of fuel in the Fiscal Year 2017, and close to nine million dollars in convenience products sales through the Company owned Smitty's convenience stores.

Today, the Company has a strong strategic position in a regional market place, providing fuel and convenience products to customers in a wide area located between the Cascade mountains and the Columbia River.

R.H. Smith Dist. has three main lines of businesses: Retail, Wholesale and Fuel Transportation Services. The Company has some other activities in its business portfolio, including maintaining the various business profit centers development and sustainable growth.

Retail Line of Business is covering Smitty's Conoco convenience store chain, as well as other sites. Currently the Company consolidated its Smitty's retail network, focusing its activities on high performances sites. R.H. Smith Distributing is continuously updating and remodeling locations in the area, maintaining its strong competitive presence in a regional market.

Wholesale Line of Business has several main groups of customers: Phillips 66 branded dealers, including Tesoro branded dealers and unbranded sites, along with other accounts; unattended card locks, various commercial and farm accounts.

The fuel transportation services are provided by Reliable Hauling Services, LLC, which is company formed in August 2003 by R.H. Smith Distributing, Inc. Co. The Company's fleet consists of five fuel trucks with trailers.

R.H. Smith Distributing Company is very well known in the national petroleum distribution industry for its advanced technology, state-of-the art systems, and an integrated IT infrastructure. In recent years the Company has pioneered deploying an integrated companywide retail automation system and integrated fuel management system. In addition, R.H. Smith Dist has developed an advanced performance management approach based on customized business intelligence concept and criteria.

Each of the steps that the Company has performed deploying a new business model and advanced technology systems has been recognized as a best practice and presented on various top level national conferences: SIGMA Conventions, SIGMA Best Practice Share Groups, NACSTech Conferences, various customer conferences (Gilbarco,Applause Media Systems, Pinnacle, Phillips66 network), including articles in various magazines, etc.

With such approach and results, R.H. Smith Dist. is realizing its mission: to combine knowledgeable people, efficient business processes, and advanced technology "to make better decisions faster" and pushing industry best practices at new, higher level.

The Company is also very well known for its active involvements in industry related associations .

Besides its own growth and business development, the Company's internal and external efforts are resulting with benefits for customers and for the industry. In addition, R.H. Smith Dist is actively and constantly supporting various causes in local communities in Grandview, Yakima, and Tri-City areas.

We are family. We are neighbors. We care.

Rick Smith
Rod Smith
Doug Smith


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