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The Perspective: Issue 17 - Fall 2014
The Perspective, produced by The Pinnacle Corporation, is an industry wide publication designed specifically for convenience retailers and petroleum marketers. This newsletter focuses on common industry issues and opportunities to improve your business, learn how with these articles focusing on best practice recommendations, client case studies, and new Pinnacle innovations.

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Flexibility and Choice

Flexibility and Choice
Many software providers in the convenience retail and fuel management industry provide 'captive' general ledger applications as part of the solution. As the demands for more accurate, timely, and relevant information increase, these captive solutions often do not offer the flexibility and control over your financials you may require to make the best decisions for your business.....READ MORE

The Power To Choose

The Power To Choose
Pinnacle's mission is to provide flexibility of choice to our market and our clients. This mission expands throughout every element of our business, and while some clients desire a straight forward/cookie cutter type approach to their new technology implementations, the vast majority demands a technology partner that will adapt as closely to their overall business strategies and operational goals....READ MORE

Right On The Money

Saving Time and Resources with Instant Bill-of-Lading Processing
If you are having issues with your fuel supply automation and would like to have more flexibility and control, or need data that is more timely, relevant and accurate to run your business, check out this article to see how Wesco used Pinnacle software to address their fuel challenges head on...READ MORE

Have Your Cake and Eat It Too

Best of Both Worlds with POS Integrated Loyalty
If you have been evaluating your loyalty options lately you probably noticed that there are no shortage of loyalty marketers trying to win your business. If anything, the number of solution providers keeps growing–some with specialized niches, others with co-branding opportunities, all with a promise to increase your customer satisfaction by offering rewards to your frequent shoppers...READ MORE

Milestones Pave the Way

Milestones Pave the Way
The software's value to your operation progresses through a lifecycle of stages, with each stage made up of one or more milestones. Meeting these milestones keeps you on track to receive the full value of your software investment. It is also the reason that established software vendors look similar in how they're organized....READ MORE

Sky's The Limit

Sky's the Limit with Management by Exception
Exception Management is a term that retailers have heard for quite some time; but what is it exactly? Pinnacle defines Exception Management as reporting results on data that has fallen outside of expected parameters. Let's take a look at Exception Management from the eyes of a convenience store manager or home office auditor, where what may be unusual for one location could be considered the norm for another?...READ MORE

POS Manager

Utilizing the Features and Benefits of POS Manager
Over the past few decades Point-of-Sale (POS) systems have continued to evolve to meet the demands of consumers and retailers. Certainly this is true when it comes to things like PCI and the complexity of providing a secure transaction, but as we learn more about our customers we also want to tailor our systems to enhance their shopping experience to gain a competitive advantage. The result is that we make changes to our POS system more frequently, and treat stores differently thereby increasing the complexity of managing POS systems...READ MORE

Flexibility To Meet Your Needs

Flexibility To Meet Your Needs
Are you relatively new to Pinnacle products, having just implemented? Or are you a long-time user? Either way, you may feel you need a refresher course but are reluctant to take one. Pinnacle's new training strategies are hoping to change that. We now offer three types of training: Arlington-based, on-line, and on-site. Any of these offerings can help you become more proficient with our products, making you more efficient and effective...READ MORE

Asl The Expert

Ask The Expert
One of the best ways to help increase uptime and lower the need for support calls is to learn how to navigate the log files and what data the individual logs contain. Once you understand how the logs are laid out you are able to locate the data you need to review quickly and accurately...READ MORE

Taking Your Loyalty To the Next Level

Taking Your Loyalty To The Next Level
A successful loyalty program depends on consumer participation, and ease of membership is the key to achieving high rates of participation. Consumers are savvy and experienced in how loyalty programs work; they know that they should be able to provide a phone number to participate in a retailer's loyalty program. Requiring the consumer to present a card each time they make a purchase is an inconvenience, the very thing that a convenience store does not want to impose on their customers...READ MORE

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