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Splash Car Wash is Earth Friendly by using:

Lustra™ Introduces Earth Ready™ Car Wash Environmental Program

Earth Ready Products

Lustra™ Professional Car Care Products (division of Cleaning Systems, Inc.) introduced its environmentally friendly Earth Ready™ line of car wash and car care products at the 2008 Car Care World Expo in April. The goal of the program is to encourage car wash operators to take steps within the scope of their wash operations to better protect the environment by using products and programs that are more environmentally conscious.

“The Earth Ready environmental program offers the products, evaluation and marketing tools for car wash operators and distributors to become better advocates for the environment and protect the safety of customers and employees,” said Doug Marquis, Lustra vice president of sales and marketing. Combined with a full line of environmentally friendly Earth Ready products, the program includes marketing tools to communicate the environmental benefits of the program to consumers encouraging them to recognize and make choices toward more earth-friendly car wash solutions.

In addition to the Earth Ready product line, Lustra offers traditional product and marketing programs, including drum recycling, SMART management tools and a reclaim product line to assist washes in regions and communities where water conservation, water runoff and energy conservation influence wash operations on a daily basis.

High-Performance Products Meet Recognized Environmental Criteria
Lustra’s Earth Ready product line standards are compiled from environmental criteria identified by EcoLogoM, EPA’s Design for the Environment (DfE) and European Union (EU) environmental organizations. These products are non-toxic, friendly to the ozone layer and free from aromatic solvents, NPE, HF/ABF and other harmful substances. This full line of products includes presoaks and detergents, foaming polishes and conditioners, sealants and drying agents, wheel and tire cleaners, specialty and detailing products.

Lustra’s industry-recognized chemical scientists continue to research and test new bio-surfactants and raw materials that meet or exceed their high-performance cleaning standards while providing the environmental and safety benefits of the Earth Ready program. Lustra is a leader in the development of earth friendly products, not only in North America, but world-wide as well, where environmental regulations and compliance consequences often times exceed that of the United States.

Our Commitment
“For over a decade CSI and its Lustra division have been committed to using innovative technology to develop products that are safe for our customers, the car wash consumer and the environment we all live in,” stated Dave Krause, president and CEO. “Almost twenty years ago we developed the first complete line of products designed for use in reclaim systems. In the past five years we designed a complete list of products that meet the environmental requirements of the European Union (EU) for overseas use.” In 2001, CSI became an ISO 9001 Registered Company and also certified a product line as eco-friendly under EcoLogoM, an environmental certification organization accredited by the Global Ecolabeling Network (GEN) and the ISO 14024 environmental quality program. CSI has long been recognized as an industry steward and outspoken advocate for the elimination of hydrofluoric acid (HF) and ammonium bifluoride (ABF) as raw materials in the car wash industry.

In addition, CSI has always offered a no-cost, drum recycling program for its car wash customers. To monitor and track the efficient use of chemicals and proper maintenance of the car wash process at wash locations across the US, CSI developed the online SMART system over seven years ago. This system was recently expanded to include Lustra’s eVALUEation program of car wash operations, including environmental programs and awareness, to improve overall consumer satisfaction at the wash. EVALUEations are conducted semi-annually by a Lustra distributor partner or authorized sales personnel.

“Today, through the introduction of the Earth Ready program, we take the next step in a long history of commitment to quality and safety for our distributors, car wash operators and the car wash consumer,” Marquis said. "More to follow.”

For more information, or to purchase Earth Ready products, call 1-800-225-2231 or visit www.LustraBear.com for a list of distributor partners in your community.


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